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Healthcare professionals that are subject to investigation or arrest for RICO, insurance fraud, or money laundering can benefit from seeking counsel. Healthcare professionals charged with crimes face unique risks such as loss of licensure, professional blacklisting from insurance and hospital panels, or possibly even denial of payment for services rendered. However, governmental agencies generally do not file charges until they have completed extensive investigation and evidence gathering.

Swift action by the subject’s attorney can help lessen unnecessary losses. But many experienced criminal defense attorneys lack the knowledge and experience with healthcare law necessary to mitigate the fall-out. Whether the criminal charges are healthcare related or not it’s important that healthcare professionals consult a healthcare attorney before entering into a plea agreement. 

The attorneys of Rosenberg Law, P.A. have successfully negotiated pleas and tried cases in these matters. Additionally, Rosenberg Law, P.A. can work as a consultant with criminal defense attorneys helping to protect professional licensure and preventing additional litigation while defending against criminal charges.